Quiet Bangkok Group background

Since 2003, there has been a gathering of various groups of people with different career backgrounds who are aware that every corner in Bangkok is filled with pollution and wish for a peaceful and a good quality of life for Bangkokians. To promote a campaign to solve sound pollution, they established groups such as “Silence-lovers Club” and “Anti-noisiness Club” in order to become an intermediary to suggest and provide knowledge about sound pollution to people.

In 2005-2006, the Bangkok Transit System (BTS) set up televisions around the platforms and inside the train for advertising purposes but they put on an above average volume level. There have been many complaints that the loud noises in the trains cause stress and disturb relaxing time for passengers. The Silence-lovers Club and Anti-noisiness Club, which has 80 members at the time, wrote a letter to the BTS administrator to demand for a reduction of volume and ask to change into soundless advertisements. This gained much attention and was put in the news.

Later on, the Silence-lovers Club and Anti-noisiness Club gained more members from various professions such as environmental scholars, architects, aestheticians, engineers, medical scientists, representatives from private organizations, and students. There were around 500 signatures opposing loud noises. Therefore, a “Quiet Bangkok Group” was established in order to campaign against loud noises and create cooperation between private and state government organizations. It is for the purpose of living together interdependently by using appropriate average sound level according to the World Health Organization and to encourage activities that create awareness and give value to quietness. Furthermore, it is for us to have space and time to calm our minds and compose ourselves in living life before we go deeply lost and gone deaf.