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Download the “No Whistle, Please” letter now!

Some security guards of an office building or an apartment building in your neighborhood still use the loud whistles all day long? You can’t stand it anymore?

Download the “No Whistle, Please” letter and send it by mail to the building management.

This letter (in Thai) explains why so many building managers have already replaced the whistles by the light batons, and why every building manager should do the same.

Click here to download the letter.

Quiet Bangkok Group background

Since 2003, there has been a gathering of various groups of people with different career backgrounds who are aware that every corner in Bangkok is filled with pollution and wish for a peaceful and a good quality of life for Bangkokians. To promote a campaign to solve sound pollution, they established groups such as "Silence-lovers Club" and "Anti-noisiness Club" in order to become an intermediary to suggest and provide knowledge about sound pollution to people.

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