Whistle Free Zone

What is a Whistle Free Zone?

In Bangkok, it is very common to use whistles to organize cars and motorcycles traffic in and out office or residence building parking lots. Each security guard of each building has a whistle and uses it all day long for traffic control. This is very noisy and this is a noise that could easily be avoided.

A Whistle Free Zone is a zone where building owners have agreed to replace whistles with light batons and therefore to completely cut the whistle noise pollution in the area.

The Whistle Free Zone campaign

The Whistle Free Zone campaign was launched by the Bangkok Quiet Group in early 2010 to cut the whistle noise level on the Siam – Central World – Amarin Plaza – Chid Lom area.

The Bangkok Quiet Group has sent a letter to major building owners and groups including Amarin Plaza, Gaysorn, the Mall Group, Central Group, Time Square, Chamchuri Square as well as Property Care Services (security personnel providers), to convince them to replace the whistles of their security guards with light batons.

This operation has been a success and the whole area is much quieter now. And now the objective would be to make the whole city of Bangkok a Whistle Free Zone.

Read the Bangkok Post article here: http://www.bangkokpost.com/life/family/176589/quiet-please

Bangkok to become a Whistle Free Zone?

More and more people are using whistles and creating noise: security guards in office and apartment buildings are using whistles to control traffic, motorcycle taxi drivers are using whistle to supposedly organize traffic, parking attendants are using whistle to help you to park you car (!), gas station employees are giving you directions with whistles (!), BTS security employees blow the whistle every time a train arrives or leaves, etc. etc.

Whistle are creating a huge noise pollution and this pollution could easily be avoided.

Don’t accept to be “whistled at”.

Help us reducing the noise level in Bangkok by sharing the information about the Bangkok Quiet Group Whistle Free Zone campaign.

3 thoughts on “Whistle Free Zone EN

  1. Thank you for this important article about this alarming issue of whistle-blowing guards. I have just moved into a building on Wireless Road, corner of New Petchaburi Road, across from the Vanit office building. The guards blow their whistles ALL DAY LONG. The noise on the ground floor of the building is intolerable, and the noise travels across the street and up the walls of the apartment building. Is there a way for me to become involved in helping your organization to appeal to the Vanit building to issue light batons to their guards? Thank you for your kind consideration. Greg LaBarre

  2. I don’t know what legal measures your organization has- or can- pursue. I had heard that some of the security companies had agreed to stop the whistles- but I live close to a Bangkok Bank and whoever their security firm is, has not signed on.
    Leaving the security companies to police themselves is– not going to happen. Parties organized to moan about the noise in Bangkok isn’t going to . Sooner or later these whitstles are going to have to be outlawed.They are unnescessary- people i cars can’t hear them (but people in nearby apartments or walking on the sidewalk sure can)-
    I don’t believe that people in any country are so stupid as to think that these whistles help anything other than giving the blower a sense of power.
    Furthermore- this is Thailand- the only way that the people hear have been able to tolerate noise at the local level is to block it out.
    Good luck with your venture- but until it becomes serious- I’ll just keep buying silicone ear plugs- a sad statement on a country which wants to be seen as having a modicum of civility and civilization (and yes- there is a direct link between useless noise and civilization- in any culture).

  3. I applaud the intentions of this organization. Do you directly contact the security firms that control the whistle blowers? How do they justify the use of whistles? The whistles can’t be heard by people in cars- though they were able to get drivers’ attention when cars were open air- about a hundred years ago. Often the security guard places himself in a position that the target car can’t fail to see. So why the whistle except to draw attention to his fleeting moment of ‘power’.
    But the piercing sound of the whistle can be heard for a couple of blocks in apartments. Do the companies that employ these guards care about that?
    On Silom the worst offenders are one of the nation’s most prestigous banks and two well established high end department stores.

    Is there a team from your organization that will collect the names of the offending security companies and put direct pressure- public (name and shame) if need be?
    Thank you

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